Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family & Friends are always the best medicine

   It has been close to 4 weeks that we all have been home now and it is very nice to have a sense of normality back in our lives. DJ has come a long way since his surgery 8 1/2 weeks ago and we know still has a long journey ahead of him. We really have to thank God for all the continued support from family & friends we have been receiving. These prayers & love have really been the strength which has motivated DJ and kept him smiling as he reaches new milestones in his recovery.
   This past weekend was Halloween and DJ along with family and neighborhood friends had a wonderful time. DJ wore his Superman outfit, Kiara went as Supergirl, and Tiana went as a Pirate. It was very nice to see DJ  back with all his wonderful neighborhood friends. House by house DJ seemed to be getting more and more excited as he visited some of the neighbors who had not seen him since he has been home. All the interaction with everyone was such a great medicine for DJ. He stopped and took pictures with his best pals and gave hugs to show them how much he was glad to see them. Our friends Tara and Theo (who live right next door) had a Halloween party with games and prizes for the kids.We all really had a great time enjoying each others company.
   DJ also made a visit to school to attend his class Halloween party. All the kids were dressed up and even his teacher had dressed up as Where's Waldo. We are very thankful that DJ is part of such a great school as Turnberry Elementary. The students and staff have been absolutely wonderful. Dino and I took all the kids to family night where the kids played games, trick or treated, and had lots of fun! DJ's energy is definitely  coming back because even though we were ready to go he still wanted to stay and play.
   One of DJ's highlights was receiving a special gift from our cousin Ramiro in AZ. Ramiro made him a Superman pajama outfit with a cape and all! He was very excited to see it and even though it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon wanted to put it on for the remaining of the day & night. Thank you very much cousin for the outfit and the beautiful heart felt words you sent in your letter.
DJ is walking without assistants but is working hard on his strength & balance. We are taking him to outpatient therapy during the week. He has started walking up the stairs all by himself! His therapist have really seen a difference from session to session. Though sometimes getting him to therapy has its challenges. I think he would prefer watching the Disney channel and lounging on the couch. Wait...I guess I see his point. He is now able to slowly raise his right arm and just a few days ago started to squeeze with his right hand. Dino and I are working everyday with him doing different activities to help wake up his muscles and help his brain to start making more connections with the right side of his body. Sometimes it's very hard as a parent seeing your child struggle with things that use to be so easy for him, but that feeling quickly vanishes when we see his beautiful eyes light up from accomplishing another goal. Letting us know to stay strong because he has not and never will give up on his journey.  He has made our family bond closer and continues to every day. We seem to appreciate each other much more and he helps to remind us that love can move mountains.  

"Once you choose hope, anything is possible" -Christopher Reeve


  1. DJ looks great, and you all are an inspiration!

  2. Thanks for keeping us all updated on Dj's progress. We will keep sending our prayers for Dj and your family. Dj's story has touched a lot of people and I am sure God has some great plans for him. God bless you.

  3. Teresa Duran GordonNovember 8, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    Kristin - thank you for the update. There are no words to express how thankful I am for Gods grace in DJ's life. He truly is a miracle. When you post DJ's progress I foward it to all my friends here, because I am always being asked how he is doing. You and your little family are an inspiration to those of us who continue to pray and follow DJ's progress. Love and Hugs, your cousin, Teresa

  4. GREAT post! We are sooo proud of him!!

  5. That is awesome!! I am so glad you have the blog so we can all follow your little miracle! I am so happy he is doing so well!


  6. Glad to hear of your wonderful progress!! You are a very strong young man DJ! Keep up the good work and know that all of us are keeping you and your family in out thoughts and prayers!! Go DJ Go!!!

  7. We are very glad to hear how well DJ is doing and were delighted to get your note. Hope that we can meet all of you over the Holidays.

    Kind Regards,
    Cris and Kristi Hall
    Jessie's Mom and Dad (Right Hemi in 2008 for Rasmusssen's Encephalitis)