Sunday, February 13, 2011

DJ 's Journey updated -Time Heals

It's been awhile since we have updated the blog and so much has transpired over the holiday's with DJ's progress!! DJ has been working so hard and after 5 months has shown great improvement. He continues to make great strides in his therapy and is getting stronger everyday. His speech is starting to come back as he is starting to put 2 and 3 words together. Everyday when Dino gets home from work, even though I know he is tired, he still works with DJ. They work on his motor skills and speech. I love watching them spend time together and DJ lights up when he sees his Daddy walk through the door. The girls have really helped DJ and have  been motivators for him too. They play everyday working on puzzles, coloring, & anything else that sparks their imagination. 
Yesterday we took the kids to a birthday party next door. It is so nice to see DJ playing with his friends. One of his best friends Riley really has been one of DJ's biggest motivator. The time they spend together playing Army or running around the house has really been good for DJ. Kids are really great aren't they.
The kids are excited because Grandma is coming back up to visit again in a couple of weeks. It will be really nice to see my mom again. The weather is starting to warm up and the snow is starting to melt so hopefully my sister will come back to visit soon too (she doesn't do the cold). 
Overall the reports from DJ's therapist are amazing! Miss Megan, DJ's Speech therapist, is still thrilled at the progress he's making week from week. When DJ first started seeing Megan she really had to try to get him talking and now he is offering up more words all the time. We all think that is fantastic! Miss Yvonne, DJ's Occupational therapist, has seen a huge improvement. DJ use to give her a hard time, (kind of surprising since DJ is my most cooperative child) in the beginning and now he likes to go to therapy and is very willing to work! Yvonne works a lot with his right arm and that has been the hardest thing to come back so far. Before surgery we were pretty much told that he would be very limited in his right arm and most likely have no fine motor skills in his hand anymore. I think not being able to use that arm has been very frustrating but he is working hard trying to get it back. Since sometime in December DJ's physical therapist changed and now he is seeing Miss Jamie. Since Jamie has started working with him he has always enjoyed playing with her and he is accomplishing more & more every visit. 
During these last 6 months our lives have been a roller coaster and we  apologize for not updating the blog as much as we'd like to. We will try to sit down and update at least once a month on how Dj is doing and appreciate the love and prayers.

Thank you all for your love and support!

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