Sunday, July 19, 2015

DJ's 10 year B-day!!

    Dj is turning 10 years old today! Last night as the family was relaxing and watching television, Dj made his way over with that familiar heartwarming smile. He says "Hey Dad you wanna know why I'm so excited!!" I replied like I had no idea "No Little D tell me!" He says "Cause tomorrow is my birthday and I'm gonna be 10 years old!" Just as he finished his last sentence I could not help feeling a overwhelming flurry of emotions come over me. Excited, proud, sad but most of all grateful knowing that I will never take for granted these special moments with my son. I have been truly blessed to have such a loving son. He has taught me that though life does not work out exactly how you expect it to, always finding the good in everyone and everything makes life more enjoyable.
   Dj and his sisters have been enjoying their summer with family and friends. B-day party's, theme parks and monster trucks have kept smiles on their faces and popcorn, nachos and ice cream in their tummy's!! Summer will be ending soon and Dj and his sister's will be going back to school soon. I can not believe Dj will be starting the 4th grade, where does the time go!! Mom started early this year getting school supplies and school clothes, Kristen is such a great mom always putting her family ahead of any of her own needs. Dj is definitely a mama's boy, even though he try's very hard to show that he loves daddy too by saying "I love you Mom and you too Dad !!" Just as he is about to finish his sentence, always thinking of others, love that boy...
   Dj got a very nice FaceTime call from his Grandma wishing him a Happy bday!! She also put some pictures up of Dj from when he was younger on Facebook. Kristen saw these and I could see her eyes starting to water. I guess we have our moments when life takes us by surprise and these moments are caught on photographs. Thanks for sharing those moments Mom (Ann). Dj was happy to talk with Paul and let him know "I'm double digits now yo!!" Gotta love the Disney network!!
   Dj was super excited to get his new Razor Scooter. Just a couple of weeks ago he was unable to ride
a scooter. Working on his balance and motor skills he worked very hard on his right side. He did not let that stop him and taught himself to steer with one hand and push off with his right foot!! This is just another obstacle he has overcome along his journey... He refuses to give up and has given new meaning to, where there is a will there is a way! The Lord has truly blessed him with resilience and determination.
   Well I know he is ready to have his birthday dinner and eat some cake now, so I better get going. He will definitely want a cheeseburger and fries no doubt!! Thank you to all our family and friends who have been or will be apart of his journey. We are blessed to have you a part of our lives.

"Once you choose hope anything is possible"
-Christopher Reeve

Dj taking a break from his yearly neurology testing.
Loves CheeseBurger and Fries!!

Dj with Kiara and Tiana going to his Big sister Cianna's

Dj sometimes you just have to take time out....

Dj and his bud Koleton at the Monster Trucks!!

Dj with his teacher Mrs.Yeager and para Mrs. Buckner!! 

Dj at TGIF'S having a yup you guessed it
Cheeseburger and Fries!!

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