Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One day at a Time

   Today was a wonderful day! Last week DJ was fitted for a brace on his right leg to help him strengthen it. Today they brought it in to try it on and noticed that the doctors put pictures of superman all over his brace which really had DJ in a good mood. When DJ returned from therapy we usually see him being brought back in his wheel chair, this time he was walking through the door with Char (his therapist) giving him assistance. Our little man is working hard every day to get back to where he was in life before this sickness so unexpectedly disrupted it. After meeting with the nutritionist yesterday she informed us that we no longer had to keep a daily recording of all the calories he was eating due to the fact he was doing great and no longer needed to be monitored. Yay!!! Speech therapy is also going very well DJ is starting to put words together and music has been a key element that has helped tremendously.
    It is really wonderful to see our little man show his playful personality more and more each day. Visits from family and friends, along with cards that have been coming in, have been such a great motivator for DJ as we read to him and show him that he has so many wonderful people supporting him. This past Saturday our amazing family and friends came together to do a benefit car-wash\bake sale. Through Facebook we were able to show DJ pictures of all his hero's wearing Super DJ T-shirts and working hard but having fun washing cars and selling baked goods. Aimee and Tina thank you so much for putting this together we love you! Please thank everyone that was a part of this from all of us, we truly appreciate this so much. Toby and Julian are also having a Dinner/Dance Benefit for DJ that will be this Fri. Oct. 1st. at Custom Farm Services in Stanfield off Highway 84. Food, Dancing & Fun starts at 6pm. Thank you guys so much for putting this all together we are very fortunate to have you all in our lives.  
God thank you for hearing our prayers and giving us hope and strength to go forward in getting our family back home together again soon as we take it one day at a time. God thank you for blessing us with such amazing family and friends that have sent their love, prayers, and support. 

"Once you choose hope anything is possible" -Christopher Reeve


  1. God is Great! Dj we are so happy to hear these updates and know you will be running around in no time. Its only been a few weeks and you are showing everyone that love and prayers can move mountains. Can't wait for the next update. We love you DJ!!!

  2. What a brave little guy is our DJ... and his parents, too. The deciaions that Kristen and Dino have made are something few have had to even or ever consider. Their choices for DJ have been right on and his progress in therapy and recovery are due to them. They have been right beside him through all this and will continue to be so. DJ is certainly blessed to have such remarkable and caring parents. I love you all.

    Uncle John

  3. My prayers are with you all, you have been such a inspiration to my family to us like parents it has teached us not to live a day with out say I LOVE YOU to are kids because you never know what can happen and also to my kids there was a day when they were fighting over a toy and my 11 year old told my 7 year old I HATE YOU and it just broke my hart to hear that so I look up your page and has all 4 of them read it the stared crying and I told them to put them self in there shoes for a minute and see how it would feel they have stop the fights and they took there money to take my car to the car wash you had in Casa Grande that just how much DJ has touch all of our life GOD has him here for a great purposes and he is a lovely angel KEEP IT UP DJ YOU ARE THE REAL HERO LOVE ALWAYS. ♥

  4. i am so glad to hear how wonderful DJ is doing!!! thank u for keeping us posted!! You are all in my thoughts n prayers!!! love u!!
    Amy Rivera